Celestial Sense Astrology

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”

There are so any different ways to approach self discovery, so many methods to have better self understanding. Astrology is a symbolic interpretation of astronomy, and an observation of trends and tendencies over vast periods of time. It can be used for many different types of applications, and observed on many, many different levels. There is so much it can tell us!

I was educated by the Federation of Astrologers, and I practice ethical astrology. I strive to maintain a high level of accuracy, and I always respect the dignity of my clients. Self help and self analysis are excellent applications of astrology.

The inspiration for how and why I practice the way I do is Edgar Cayce, his life and his profound work. Though he was not an astrologer, his ability to go into deep trance states and to see and understand information in the akashic records was deeply profound, and in his lifetime he helped thousands pf people in many ways. Actually, Cayce spoke at length about astrology and astrological concepts and influences while in the trance state. More than one book exists devoted solely to this topic. He encouraged everyone to learn something of astrology in order to understand themselves more thoroughly, and I have taken that very seriously.

The natal chart contains a wealth of information about you, your temperament, personality, motivations, etc, and can be examined on many different levels. A great deal can be revealed through just this one chart alone, and it is very valuable to understand what it tells us. This is where the saying “Know Thyself” becomes actualized. Used in tandem with one’s spiritual practice, astrology can help to hone in on our strengths and talents, understand what makes us feel “stuck”, and where to put focus in order to work through difficult transits and events.

I offer chart interpretation in person or over Skype. I do not print out computer generated definitions of a chart. I type the entire delineation myself, and this is a personal process done for each individual.


For natal chart analysis I include a booklet all about you, your traits, strong points, weaknesses, potentials. As I stated above, I never print out computer generated definitions for chart analysis. I always type the delineation myself, and I spend a lot of time with each chart to have a thorough understanding. Natal chart analysis is $120

Through the years we all change and hopefully grow as people. The life evolves, and this is reflected in the progressed chart. The progressed chart shows what you are becoming, where you are putting your energy, even potential paths to take. Progressed charts can show you that opportunities are on the horizon, even when not to act. Each progressed chart is valid for about one year, and includes transits. Progressed chart analysis is $180

I am an ordained minister and Reiki Master, and I live in the sunny Southwest with my husband and two rescued kitties, Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg. I love to help, and I have gifts and skills that are useful, as so many people do. Please contact me with questions using the form below, or simply: celeste.dlrl@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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